Covid-19 support for our staff

support our staff

Due to the closing of borders and other measures taken in response to Covid-19, the staff of Villa Caribbean Dream is out of work until further notice, and unable to support themselves and their families. This means they may have difficulty paying for rent, utilities, and even basic food items, which are very expensive in St Lucia.

This desperate situation has moved us to start an emergency relief fund to help our staff and our business get through this difficult time together.

With your help, we are hoping to raise a total of Euro 5,000

From the donations we receive, 80% will go directly to our 2 long-term employees, Noelita and Louis. The remaining 20% will be used for critical repairs to the shingle roof of our Guesthouse, in preparation of the 2020 hurricane season.

Your contribution will go a long way in making a difference, and is greatly appreciated!

Please use the secure PayPal link below to make a donation,
or send to bank account below:

Für Brigitte Müller-Maronie
Deutsche Kreditbank – DKB, BLZ 120 300 00
Konto-Nr. 1033229608
IBAN: DE04 1203 0000 1033 2296 08

Total raised as of August 21, 2020

€ 4705

We hope that by the end of the year we will be allowed to welcome back our friends and guests to provide the stress-free, relaxing getaway many of you are looking forward to. For more information on St Lucia’s planned re-opening of the tourism sector, please visit

With our most sincere gratitude,

Brigitte Maronie

Owner / Manager
Villa Caribbean Dream
St Lucia