Key Facts About St. Lucia

Capital Castries
Language:  English (official), French Patois
Area: 616.3 sq km / 238 sq miles
Time Zone: UTC-4
Calling Code: +1 758
Entry Requirements: Check requirements for your country before your trip
Government: Independent state. Member of the Commonwealth (Head of State – Queen Elizabeth II)
Currency East Caribbean Dollar (EC$) – which works out cheaper – or US Dollars
Climate: Tropical (dry Dec to May, and wet Jun to Nov)
Electricity: 220 Volt / English plug
Airport: International: Hewanorra Airport, Vieux Fort / Caribbean: GFL Charles Airport, Castries

A Bit of History …

Saint Lucia was first inhabited sometime between 1000 and 500 B.C. by Ciboneys, hunters and gatherers who made their way from South America. They inexplicably disappeared leaving little evidence of their presence on the island. Sometime after 200 A.D. the peaceful Arawak Indians arrived whom archaeological sites show to have been adept in pottery, weaving, farming and boat building. The Arawaks named the island, Iouanalao, which meant ‘land of the iguanas’.

Around 800 A.D. the more aggressive Carib Indians arrived from South America quickly seizing control from the Arawaks by killing their men and assimilating the women into their own society… (read more)

Recommended Local Restaurants

Balenbouche Estate

Grill N Chill Restaurant

Reef Beach Cafe